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Our company TOP-BIS is 25 years old. Creating fashion has been our passion since 1997. From the beginning of our activity, we have set ourselves ambitious goals. Quality at the highest possible level, design based on global trends and very seriously taken into account the utility and practical factor of individual models. However, the most important thing was to combine these elements with the price accepted by our client. Systematic work and consistent pursuit of the goal led us to gain a wide group of customers and promote the brand on the difficult clothing market. We won the Mazovian Company of the Year 2004 competition.

Before being created, each collection is carefully thought out in concept. We create solid and unique clothing, guaranteeing maximum aesthetic pleasure, taking care of the smallest detail in the form of, for example, crystals, effective fasteners, contrasts, interesting prints. Our clients must feel fashionable and tasteful in every situation. We work for many months to create perfect structures and models. We often show fantasy, but we never forget about the utility aspect of each model. All ideas arise from a passion for beautiful design, lines and materials. We work with passion, but the common harmony of all these elements satisfies us in the end – the new TOP-BIS collection. We do not have to be inspired by foreign brands, because we have our own ideas and our work is our passion.

In addition to the basic TOP-BIS collection, we produce high-quality women’s, youth and children’s underwear for the Polish market in each spring-summer and autumn-winter season. The basic assortment in each season are women’s and girls’ shirts as well as t-shirts. Delicate 100% cotton fibers and high-quality knitwear with the addition of LYCRA fibers give them a luxurious look, at the same time they are very pleasant to the touch. We even remember about small details, we finish our products with high-quality lace.

Our brand has a large group of customers, not only in Poland, but also abroad. We are glad that our customers love fashion and appreciate our efforts. For many years we have been cooperating with renowned knitwear factories and producers of sewing accessories. We select all materials very carefully
which means that we can still introduce more and more interesting and complex stylistic and quality solutions. Our products are of good quality and retain their original appearance for a long time.

Top-Bis is a modern brand that keeps up with the times. Our design office, cutting room, sewing room – all this is in our company. We are proud that our collections are 100% created in Poland, in our company.

Our main goal is customer satisfaction, it is for you that we promote collections with the latest design and the best quality.

In addition to wholesale and retail sales, our company offers contract sewing. Our designer is waiting for your project, will make a template and patterns so that you can see what the ready series of ordered products will look like, offering to implement your own ideas when ordering from 300 pieces of the model.

Top-Bis is a manufacturer of women’s clothing and a service sewing room with 24 years of experience. We provide reliability and punctuality.
Service sewing room – sewing light clothing – offers stitching: knitwear, fabric (blouses, dresses, skirts, pants, leggings, t-shirts, sweatshirts).
We offer a comprehensive service, high quality and an attractive price. We guarantee individual approaches to each client. We provide full cooperation at every stage of production. We make clothes from materials and accessories provided by the customer.
The sewing room is located near Warsaw, we are looking for clothing companies interested in permanent cooperation from all over Poland and from abroad.

We want to cooperate with producers of children’s, sports and women’s clothing. Quantity from the model from 300 pieces.

We have 24 years of experience in the clothing industry (sewing women’s clothing under our own brand Top-Bis), high quality of the service and punctuality are important to us. We have our own designer, we make templates, we help in organizing the order – we cooperate with producers of materials, accessories, embroidery manufacturer or with a print producer.

We invite you to cooperation.
Email: a.bartczak@top-bis.pl

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