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TOP-BIS is a Polish company producing high-quality lingerie for women, young people and children made of 100% cotton jersey or cotton with supplement of LYCRA fibre. Our basic assortment are women’s and girl’s shirts, T-shirts and children’s pyjamas. We use impressive, high-quality laces to finish off our products.

We have a net of wholesale distributors all over the country.

TOP-BIS has existed on the market since 1997. It’s a winner of Mazowiecka company of the year 2004 and a member of Polish Lingerie Union. From the very beginning of our activity we worked systematically and with big consequence what allowed us to win wide circle of customers and promote our trademark on very hard lingerie market.

TOP-BIS brand offers first of all variety of pattern-designing with plenty of fantasy. Perfect choice of jerseys makes our products durable and ensures that they will keep their original look for long. Due to wide variety of colours and moderate prices our products became very popular and good perceived by our clients.

From many, many years we cooperate with best producers of accessories, what makes our products the highest quality products. It allows us also to introduce complicated solutions to improve quality of our products.

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